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Outsourced Inside Sales, Partner  Channel, and Customer Success Teams

We specialize in providing outsourced inside sales services to startups, mid-sized companies, and large scheduling appointment within local and global markets.

Our dedicated team of experts bridges the gaps by implementing tailored inside sales programs that effectively engage customers. We handle the entire sales process, including making proactive calls, qualifying leads, fostering strong relationships, and arranging qualified appointements.

Cloud-based Calling Software

Empowering Productivity and Personalized Interactions

SalesGrip’s team harnesses advanced cloud-based outbound calling software to automate and optimize our calling process. This sophisticated tool significantly boosts productivity, enabling us to reach a broader audience in less time. Additionally, it provides valuable analytics and seamless integration with our client’s CRM system, ensuring precise records and personalized interactions. Staying at the forefront of technology, SalesGrip excels in delivering exceptional inside sales service to our valued clients.

This indispensable tool empowers us to thrive in today’s fast-paced business landscape, cementing SalesGrip’s position as the leading choice for inside sales excellence.

Ready to supercharge your sales efforts? Schedule a call with our team today and discover how SalesGrip can help you achieve your goals.

Calendar Invite & Email Appointment Brief

Receive calendar invites and email appointment briefs from your SalesGrip team.

We prioritize efficient appointment setting. When our team schedules an appointment for you, we provide an email appointment brief with all the essential details, including the appointment date, time, prospect contact information, and any specific notes discussed. Additionally, we take care of sending calendar invites to both your prospects and your team, ensuring everyone is well-informed and has the appointment details readily available in their calendars.

We strive to make the appointment scheduling process seamless and convenient for all parties involved.

Welcome to the SalesGrip Success Team, a group of highly dedicated professionals driving excellence in inside sales. Our team comprises seasoned strategists, creatives, and specialists committed to delivering exceptional results for our valued clients.

SalesGrip Success Team

Get to know the dedicated professionals who make up the SalesGrip Team

Our team is an exceptional group of highly dedicated professionals driving excellence in inside sales. Comprised of seasoned strategists, creatives, and specialists, we are passionately committed to delivering exceptional results for our valued clients.

Inside Sale Representative
Experienced professionals dedicated to making effective phone calls on your behalf.

Account Manager

Personalized support and guidance tailored to your business needs.

Quality Analyst

Ensuring top-notch performance and delivering exceptional customer.
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Empowering a Managed IT Service Provider's Growth through Outsourced Insides Sales with SalesGrip

The client sought to expand their customer base and increase sales opportunities by targeting businesses in their target market. To achieve this, they partnered with SalesGrip to launch an appointment-setting campaign as a part of their overall sales strategy.

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Since 2018, SalesGrip has been a sales partner that helps companies grow their sales and revenue via external teams of Inside Sales experts.

5 years of experience building best-in-class sales teams. We attract, hire develop and grow inside sales professionals. With full call handling skill training.

We’re experts with modern sales tech stacks, with hands-on experience in B2B’s most innovative apps and tools.


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